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Rising Lashes

February 9, 2022

Rising Lashes Logo
Started in 2017, Rising Lashes currently offers five eyelash options.

Meet Britt Fetters

Britt Fetters, owner of Rising Lashes, never thought that her love of faux eyelashes would turn into a business.

“I used to get lash extensions, which are the kind of eyelashes that a lash artist glues on and they stay for a month,” Britt said. “After doing them for a year straight, I realized that they were actually ripping out my real eyelashes.”

In order to allow her natural eyelashes to grow back, Britt decided to start wearing faux eyelashes. After she purchased them in bulk to cut down on costs, Britt realized she could turn eyelashes into a business.

“It came out of necessity because I needed to wear them after I lost my eyelashes,” Britt said. “Then I realized that the margins are actually pretty good on them, and because they’re so lightweight, the shipping is really cheap.”

Britt of Rising Lashes
Rising Lashes is owned by Britt Fetters.

The Birth Of Rising Lashes

In 2017, Britt started Rising Lashes, an e-commerce store. Rising Lashes currently provides customers with five types of faux eyelashes to choose from.

Britt said that her favorite product depends on the season, but right now it’s the Lash Glow eyelashes.

“Lash Glow is lightweight, easy to use, and you don’t really look like you’re wearing fake eyelashes,” Britt said.

When it comes to customers, Britt said that she typically sells to makeup artists who buy from her in bulk.

One of Britt’s most memorable customer interactions is when she sold eyelashes to the makeup artist at her sister’s wedding. Now, that makeup artist uses them for bridal parties, allowing Rising Lashes to be a part of wedding days all over the country.

“Every once in a while, brides and bridesmaids will post photos of themselves and tag Rising Lashes, so I get some photos of them wearing my product,” Britt said. “These are people I’ve never even met, it’s just because the makeup artist used my eyelashes for their wedding makeup.”

Lash Glow Lashes
Lash Glow lashes are the perfect choice for a casual, everyday look.

The Future of Rising Lashes

With the help of Soapbox, Britt can better manage her sales and inventory.

“Because I also work full time and I have two small kids, it’s really hard to do it all, and that’s why it’s so easy to just sell to makeup artists in bulk,” Britt said. “But as their clients start to like my lashes and want to rebuy, fulfillment is tricky, and sending out individual lash orders is difficult for me.”

Britt is currently selling through Shopify and Etsy. With the help of Soapbox, Britt plans to expand Rising Lashes to other storefronts and marketplaces.

Additionally, Britt is looking to add magnetic liners and lashes to her store to provide an option for clients who struggle with glue applications.

“I wanted to grow, but it was getting hard to manage inventory and shipping,” Britt said. “Soapbox will get me on the right track.”

Click here to check out the Rising Lashes website.

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