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Amazon Sellers Help

April 13, 2023

Looking for a 3PL? Amazon Sellers Help has got your back.

Meet Harold & Stacie Earls, Co-Founders of Amazon Sellers Help

Harold and Stacie started out as e-commerce merchants looking for a better way to fulfill their Amazon products. Now, this husband-and-wife duo is operating a 3PL that helps countless Amazon sellers do the same.

The couple’s e-commerce journey started a few years ago as they decided to start FoxCarr, a side hustle business on Amazon.

“We had an RV and two pups we loved, and so we were inspired to start selling products in the pet and camping arena,” Harold said.

According to Harold, FoxCarr was quickly met with success. Soon, Harold and Stacie realized that their inventory was too vast to continue storing in their home. So, they decided to rent a 1,000-square-foot warehouse, seeking to not only store their own products but allow extra room to offer boutique 3PL services to other sellers as well.

“Before we even moved into the warehouse, we had actually oversold the space,” Harold said. “Our landlord allowed us to switch our lease to another warehouse on the property that was four times as big. So we moved in, and we were there about a year before we oversold that one too.”

Today, Harold and Stacie rent a much larger warehouse to run their 3PL business: Amazon Sellers Help.

Harold and Stacie are 3PL co-founders and husband and wife.

About Amazon Sellers Help

Located in Newnan, GA, Amazon Sellers Help supports Amazon sellers in many ways, including warehousing inventory, fulfilling orders, providing pick and ship services, managing Amazon inventory, and providing labeling and bundling services.

“My whole goal in starting this 3PL business was to get free storage for myself,” Harold said. “Now, the storage business is more profitable than our Amazon business.”

One thing that sets this 3PL apart is the fact that the owners continue to store and fulfill their own Amazon business’s products in-house. Harold and Stacie are willing to go above and beyond for their customers because they know exactly what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Some unique services that the 3PL provides include performing product testing, repackaging undamaged returns to be resold, and repackaging and relabeling international products.

“If you're an Amazon seller located overseas and selling on the US platform with Amazon, you can quickly find yourself running into problems,” Harold said. “One example of this is Amazon discovering that your product needs new labeling. Rather than this item sitting at Amazon forever, sellers will find us to handle this for them. We take their product, repackage it and relabel it for them, and then we drip-feed it back into Amazon.”

This Wall Mount Dog Leash Holder is one of many items sold by FoxCarr (and fulfilled by Amazon Sellers Help!)

The Future of Amazon Sellers Help

Amazon Sellers Help has partnered with Soapbox for over a year. Harold said that the 3PL plans to continue to utilize Soapbox’s network of warehouses to store customer products. Amazon Sellers Help also plans to continue to utilize Soapbox’s WMS software to manage their 3PL operations.

Going forward, Harold says that their 3PL seeks to continue to provide personalized 3PL services to all of their customers.

“Our goal is not to be the largest 3PL in the country or the southeast,” Harold said. “Our goal really is to remain a high-touch, high-service boutique type of 3PL. We love helping other sellers be successful on Amazon, and we really treat their product like it's our own.”

To learn more about Amazon Sellers Help, head to their website.

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