The Centralized Hub for 3PL Efficiency

Effortlessly manage orders and shipments, and fine-tune inventory accuracy—all from one intuitive platform.

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Your technology and Integration Partner

Soapbox redefines tech-enablement for warehouses, syncing data with connections between WMS, ERPs, EDI, and more with minimal effort by your team.

We improve all areas of your operations, including order management, billing, and onboarding.

systems integration

Soapbox centralizes integrations for your business, providing a single-point technology solution and streamlining your onboarding and growth experience for your customers with you.

Order Management

Soapbox OMS consolidates orders from shippers across all channels and routes the data to your operations, regardless of whether you're their only service provider or part of a larger distribution ecosystem.

Inventory management

Unit-level tracking of inventory with Lot IDs, expiration dates, and other data points. Live inventory syncing across all storefronts and marketplaces.

Streamlined Billing

Automatically accrue all service charges on Soapbox and either directly invoice and bill customers, or export to your billing platform.

Quick and Easy Onboarding

Soapbox facilitates rapid onboarding for both 3PLs and their customers, providing best-in-class time-to-value services.

warehouse management system

Efficiently fulfill and handle orders, including bundling, kitting, and pick and pack, inventory control, shipping, and labels under one platform.

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The single platform solution designed to simplify the operations for your distribution center network.

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