freight management

Truly Integrated Transportation

Through Soapbox, your transportation integrations become more than just bridging connections between two interfaces, they become enablement tools to see your supply chain wholly.

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Real-Time Shipment

Gain real-time visibility into multi-modal shipments and track their progress from pickup to delivery.

LTL Book

Simplify LTL quoting booking process with Soapbox's LTL feature, saving valuable time and effort.

Freight Operations

Access consolidated views of orders, inventory, all shipment documentation, and tracking at a shipment level.

Gain Control of Your Freight Operations

Zoom into your inventory across pallet and truck-load and gain control when combining Soapbox's Freight Management with Inventory and Order Management.

Track Inventory, Not Loads

Whether you're populating orders to generate shipments or building custom shipments with available inventory, Soapbox provides clear visibility of the inventory in motion, not just the loads.

LTL Quote

Soapbox’s LTL Quote Rater Tool allows you to explore freight quotes and provides broker-leveraged rates for your loads.

Book Freight

Book freight shipments directly on Soapbox, with full load buildout of pallets, cases, and individual products.

Generate and store

Generate, save, and manage all freight documents, like Bill of Lading and Proof of Delivery, at an order and shipment level for smooth and compliant shipping.

Lead Supply Chain Excellence with Soapbox

With Soapbox, it's more than just managing logistics; it's about taking the reins to reshape the supply chain world.

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