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Soapbox Advantage

Streamline Your Workflow

Automatically shop and select the most cost-effective discounted shipping carriers and best packaging for each order, based on order history and cost savings.

Live Inventory Tracking and Management

Manage your products and inventory across multiple storefronts, allowing our system to automatically reconcile inventory in real-time across all channels with automated restock updates and alerts.

Transparent and Upfront Fees

Soapbox provides transparent and upfront fees with regards to all aspects of fulfillment and shipping. There are no hidden fees, and no surprise fees later on.

reliable customer Service

Direct access to an attentive and reliable team, who are quick to resolve any issues. Help with onboarding, setup, or any other matter can be readily arranged at any time through our team members.

Access all the Carriers and Storefronts You Need

Gain access to our robust network of carriers to access discounted shipping rates without any integration work needed. Start shipping worldwide, instantly.


Our Clients

We work with the great ones


Hear what our customers say about us

George Chen
COO, UBestPack

“Soapbox is a one stop solution for anything with regards to storage and shipping, which lets us focus on growing the company. I no longer have to check multiple apps and can look at one dashboard to take care of my shipping operations.”

Nikki Elliot and Michelle Razavi
Co-Founders, ELAVI

“We were initially intrigued by the small business-friendly pricing structure, competitive rates, and ability to scale with us as we grow. Since onboarding with Soapbox, we have been so impressed by the attentive support, flexibility, and care they show for us and our customers. We love working with them and are excited for a long-term partnership.”

John Fabiano
Channel Sales Manager, Shippo

“The Soapbox team is reliable and responsive. Their team is continuously improving their product and adding new features. They are also flexible in quickly addressing customer-specific needs, which makes it easy to partner with them.”

Sean O’Neill
CEO, Toast! Supplements

"Soapbox is unique due to its simplicity and flexibility. Whatever we need to do, whether it's offering single ‘sample’ packs, wholesale or FBA shipments, international ordering, or other customer projects, Soapbox can get it done without any hoops to jump through."

Milovan Crowley
CEO, Lasuens

“Communication is a must, and, as a growing e-commerce brand, when I need something it’s usually urgent because I’ve either made a mistake or an order needs to get rerouted. Soapbox response times are unmatched. I’ve never gone more than 30 minutes without a response which is incredible.”