shipping management

Integrate, Synchronize, and Orchestrate Your Shipping Operations

Shipping is never just getting a package from one point to another. Soapbox helps fill in the gaps from A to Z.

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Carrier Integration

Seamlessly connect with major carrier rates to streamline shipping label generation and order tracking.

Rate Shopping

Compare shipping rates from multiple carriers to choose the most cost-effective option for each shipment.

Discounted Shipping

Gain access to discounted USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other regional carrier shipping rates out-of-the-box.

We Make Shipping a Breeze

Soapbox's Shipping Management transforms your shipping strategy, reduces costs, and improves your customer satisfaction.

Carrier Service Optimization

Soapbox automatically selects the best carrier based on product size, shipping preferences and carrier accounts.

Parcel Shipments

Soapbox allows you to avoid manual carrier selection by automatically choosing the best carriers with the rates based on your order requirements and preferences.

Freight Shipments

The Soapbox freight feature enables multi-modal shipments management and tracking.

You can also shop for the ideal LTL carriers with broker-leveraged rates, book the load against available inventory, and track the shipments in real time.

International Shipments

Soapbox simplifies international shipping with competitive shipping rates, full customs documentation and support, and global carrier partnerships.

Lead Supply Chain Excellence with Soapbox

With Soapbox, it's more than just managing logistics; it's about taking the reins to reshape the supply chain world.

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