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June 2021

June 1, 2021

Welcome to The Soapbox Newsletter!  In this month's issue, we discuss our website redesign, #ContinueTheFight initiative updates, shipping rate increases, software updates, and Employee Retention Credit opportunities. We also spotlight small businesses Feeding Georgia Families and Hyphenate as well as give our tips on successful customer support.

So are you ready to learn more?  Keep on reading!

Exciting Announcements

Website Redesign

The Soapbox website is getting a makeover! With a redesigned webpage, we hope to better showcase our software and make it easier than ever to navigate our site. Stay tuned for another announcement once the changes are live! Additionally, please note that these changes will not impact your Soapbox account.

Shipping Rate Increase

All major shipping carriers just announced increases of shipping rates by 5-10% starting June 2021 as an additional emergency pandemic surcharge. These increases will be reflected on all shipments moving forward. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

#ContinueTheFight Initiative Update

Last month, we announced our #ContinueTheFight initiative focused on continuing the fight against COVID-19. Now, we are starting to see the effects of our cause.Click here to see how our donation of 100,000 PPE masks to Community Coalition South LA will impact the South Los Angeles community.

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

The ERC is a federal program created as an incentive for employers to retain their employees during COVID. Employers who were impacted by COVID government orders or who experienced a reduction in revenue may be eligible for up to $33,000 in credit per employee.
Soapbox is partnering with HIREtech to assist employers with qualifying for and maximizing this credit. Fill out this brief form here to see if you qualify for the ERC credit.

Feature Releases: May 2021

We made many software updates in May, including:

  • New DHL e-commerce tracking
  • Under Processed Orders, a new page displays orders with shipping delays
  • The CSV Order Import template now includes international data
  • Users now have the ability to delete an order, manually place an order on hold, and add products through the platform
  • Additional bug fixes, performance enhancements, and quality of life improvements


Small Business Spotlight

“The greatest thing is when you’ve got people that are coming to you on a regular basis, and then all of a sudden you don’t see them for a month or two. Suddenly, they come back walking through your door and say, ‘I came to volunteer, I wanted to give back because I’m on my feet now.’”

— Will Joyner

Ali Rivera, CFO of Feeding GA Families, never imagined that honoring her grandmother would result in eventually feeding 80,000 people throughout the state of Georgia. Click here to learn more about this non-profit organization and how they are impacting lives in their community.


“Anyone that speaks English as their second language is trapped and limited by their ability to express themselves. When my grandma and great-aunt started speaking in their native tongue, they looked different, and everything about them changed. Their posture changed, their tone changed, and they were able to express more complex emotions.”

— Nathan Yi

Nathan Yi, creator of Hyphenate, was inspired to start a travel brand after seeing the world and getting in touch with his Korean roots. Click here to learn more about his travels, his business journey, and how you can contribute to Hyphenate's Kickstarter campaign.


Want to have your business featured in our Small Business Spotlights? Contact us at with the header "Small Business Spotlight" to learn more!


Soapbox Blog

Customer Support: Part 1- How to Maintain Success After the Sale

Even though you’ve got your e-commerce business up and running and customers are buying from your store, you might be missing a crucial step when it comes to customer service—customer support.

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Customer Support: Part 2- Tips for Effective Communication

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If you need additional support for your business, our team of e-commerce experts is here to help. Contact us at, and we'll be happy to help with any issue you might have.

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