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Illusion Apparel

March 8, 2021

Naru Kang, owner of Illusion Apparel, got her start in e-commerce by looking for a way to make passive income on the side of her full-time job.

“About two years ago, I was at a corporate job that I hated,” Naru said. “I bought an online course that taught me e-commerce, and I learned it from there.”

Before COVID-19, Naru was doing dropshipping on her own with the knowledge she learned from her e-commerce courses.

“After COVID-19, dropshipping kind of lost its appeal to me,” Naru said. “I wanted to see if I could source products that are more local and add my own creativity to them.”

It was then that Naru opened her own Shopify store and was approached by Ignite to help launch their apparel line.

Thus, Illusion Apparel was born. Started in April 2020, the e-commerce store offers urban style clothing and accessories, all designed by Naru.  

“I’m not a designer by trade, but I love owning my own business and my own website because I get to design everything, and I get to do it exactly the way I want,” Naru said. “I can test designs to see what works and what people like.”

When designing her clothing items, Naru combines two things she is passionate about — streetwear and consciousness.

“I think that you can be into urban fashion and still want to represent that you believe in a higher power and in consciousness,” Naru said.

Rather than having specific items that are always in stock, Naru periodically drops collections onto her site. Naru also markets her brand by inviting inspiring individuals to be a part of her ad campaigns and online content.

“Ultimately, the reason why the brand is called Illusion Apparel is that I feel like everything in life is truly just an illusion,” Naru said. “As in, whatever you believe actually might not matter or might not necessarily be the truth, but you yourself believe it to be the truth.”

Naru’s website features inline skaters, skateboarders, dancers, musicians, and others who must consistently practice in order to improve their craft.  

“These people are constantly breaking their own limiting beliefs,” Naru said. “When they actually reach the goals that they thought were unattainable, they realize that it was all just an illusion that they couldn’t, and they’ve proved to themselves that they can.”

With Soapbox, Naru hopes to save time and money on order fulfillment for her Shopify store.

“I like that the Soapbox integration is so smooth in that it will keep track of the inventory quantities and let me know what package to use for each order,” Naru said. “I like that I can just print the label and slap it on the package.”

Overall, Naru’s goal for Illusion Apparel is to continue creating apparel that she is passionate about.

“I didn’t think it was possible to have a job where I actually love what I’m doing, but Illusion Apparel gave me exactly that,” Naru said.

Click here to check out the Illusion Apparel site, and check out Illusion Apparel’s social media links below!

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