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How Automation Can Optimize Your Fulfillment Operations

January 25, 2023

Automation Can Optimize Your Fulfillment

When it comes to fulfillment, e-commerce brands have many moving parts to juggle. Without the right procedures and software in place, brands of all sizes are likely to struggle with this aspect of their business. For this reason, we recommend that brands utilize fulfillment software to simplify these tasks.

Fulfillment software can streamline operations by providing better organization throughout the entire fulfillment process. However, there’s another software feature that is critical for bringing a company’s fulfillment into the 21st century—automation.

Automated features can significantly impact fulfillment for both a business’ workers and customers alike. Below, we detail five ways that automation can make a positive change in fulfillment operations.

5 Ways Automation Simplifies E-Commerce Fulfillment for Sellers & Customers

1. Sellers Save Time & Money on Fulfillment

Automated features work 24/7 to simplify order fulfillment steps, saving sellers time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry and task completion. By not having to pay an employee to manually complete automated tasks, businesses can save money and better utilize their employees’ time.

2. Optimized Inventory Management

Whether a business is storing inventory in a spare bedroom or a warehouse, automated fulfillment software simplifies the process. By connecting storefronts and marketplaces to the software, sellers can have a single view of all inventory. This makes it easier to locate inventory items in storage as well as keep track of any inventory changes.

3. Sellers Can Make Smarter Business Decisions

When it comes to various decision-making steps in the fulfillment process, sellers can become discouraged from analyzing data and weighing their options. With automated fulfillment software, this data can be quickly assessed. Once this information is digested by the software, it will automatically provide a smart solution to the business.

4. Packages Are Sent Out Sooner

When a company implements automated fulfillment software, packages are shipped to customers sooner. With many shipping providers struggling to meet estimated arrival dates, especially during peak seasons, sellers who utilize automation can have a competitive edge with their delivery times.

5. Greater Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Utilizing automation optimizes every aspect of fulfillment that touches the customer. This optimization means that customer service, such as returning items and questions about packages, will become simplified as well. Customers will appreciate this, likely becoming return customers as a result.

How Soapbox’s Automated Features Can Help Simplify Your Fulfillment

Soapbox software can automate many aspects of your fulfillment process. For instance, if orders are placed for your business on various storefronts and marketplaces, our software automatically compiles those under one dashboard. This means you don’t have to log in to multiple accounts to check your orders.

Additionally, Soapbox automatically shops and selects the most cost-effective shipping carrier for every order. In the same vein, our software’s smart shipping packaging selection chooses the optimal-sized packaging for every order.

To learn more about how Soapbox can simplify your fulfillment, create a free account or contact us at

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