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August 2021

August 1, 2021

Welcome to The Soapbox Newsletter! In this month's issue, we'll discuss our latest partners, software updates, and Employee Retention Credit opportunities. We also spotlight small businesses ELAVI and Illusion Apparel as well as share our opinions on the timeline of shipping and 2020's impact on small businesses.

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Exciting Announcements

Meet Our Partners

We're happy to announce some of our latest Soapbox partnerships:

  • U-Best Packaging provides customers with unique packaging options as well as custom branding. Click here to learn more.
  • Route provides customers with package tracking, order protection, and customer engagement solutions. Click here to learn more.
  • Stephen Gould provides customers with comprehensive packaging solutions no matter the size, scale, or complexity. Click here to learn more.

Get Back $$$ Through the ERC Program

Employee Retention Credit, or ERC, is a federal program created as an incentive for employers to retain their employees during COVID-19. Employers who were impacted by COVID-19 government orders or who experienced a reduction in revenue may be eligible for up to $33,000 in credit per employee.

Soapbox is partnering with HIREtech to assist employers with qualifying for and maximizing this credit. Don't leave money on the table! Fill out this brief form here to see if you qualify for the ERC credit.

Feature Releases: July 2021

We made many software updates in July, including:

  • Users can now Hold/Unhold bulk orders as well as Calculate Boxes & Rates for bulk orders
  • Users can now sort orders by Shipping Cost
  • Users can filter batches by Status
  • Users have the ability to filter by First Time Customer
  • Additional bug fixes, visual enhancements, and quality of life improvements


Small Business Spotlight

“Collagen is often marketed as a beauty product and taken by women, but for us, it’s not just about cosmetics. When it comes to the health of our bodies, we want to play the long game. This inspired us to take an athlete-minded approach to collagen consumption, and one that’s also gender-neutral.”

— Nikki Elliott

While looking for a way to eat healthy on the go, Michelle Razavi and Nikki Elliott, co-founders of ELAVI, started a business. Click here to learn more about their mission to reinvent the protein bar and how Soapbox 3PL can help them improve their fulfillment.


“Ultimately, the reason why the brand is called Illusion Apparel is that I feel like everything in life is truly just an illusion. As in, whatever you believe actually might not matter or might not necessarily be the truth, but you yourself believe it to be the truth.”

— Naru Kang

Naru Kang, owner of Illusion Apparel, never thought she could make a living doing something she loved. Click here to learn more about her e-commerce journey, her apparel line, and more.


Want to have your business featured in our Small Business Spotlights? Contact us at with the header "Small Business Spotlight" to learn more!


Soapbox Corner Blog

Shipping: Past, Present, & Future

In a COVID-19 world, shipping has become more important than ever before.

Click here to learn more about the recent evolution of shipping as well as where the industry is likely to go in the future.


2020: The Renaissance of Small Businesses

2020 was a rough year for small business owners. However, the year also provided unique opportunities through e-commerce.  

Click here to learn more and see why 2020 just might be the renaissance of small businesses.



If you need additional support for your business, our team of e-commerce experts is here to help. Contact us at, and we'll be happy to help with any issue you might have.

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