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5 Essential Features 3PLs Should Look for in WMS
March 29, 2023
While each 3PL will differ on what WMS features they prefer, there are 5 core offerings that every 3PL should require of their WMS. Read on to learn more about these features and why they're essential for WMS.
How Automation Can Optimize Your Fulfillment Operations
January 25, 2023
As you're looking for an e-commerce fulfillment software, it's critical that you select one with automated features. Read on to learn 5 ways automation can simplify fulfillment and how Soapbox software can help.
E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Post-Holiday Returns
January 11, 2023
While the holiday rush is over, holiday returns have only just begun. Read on to learn our tips for creating an efficient returns policy. Plus, see how our Soapbox software can help simplify your returns process.
E-Commerce Predictions for 2023
January 5, 2023
How will a new year impact e-commerce? We sat down with Danny He, Soapbox CEO, to pick his brain on his 2023 e-commerce predictions. Read on to learn his thoughts on WMS, 3PL, and so much more.
From Concept to Market: How to Develop Your Product Idea
December 15, 2022
The product development process is the culmination of steps to turn a product idea into a physical product ready for market. In this article, our partners at Gembah explain the 6 phases every seller needs to know about this process.
Black Friday Checklist: 5 Ways E-Commerce Sellers Can Prepare Now
November 16, 2022
Black Friday is right around the corner, and e-commerce sellers everwhere are getting ready. Check out our checklist to see what you can do to prepare for the holiday rush now.
Soapbox Becomes a Strategic Certified DHL Partner
November 14, 2022
Soapbox is a leading fulfillment software solution that simplifies and streamlines e-commerce logistics. As a DHL strategic partner, we offer a seamless shipping experience.
2022 Holiday Surcharges: How to Get Ready Now
October 11, 2022
Due to the increased volume and shipping demand of Q4, shipping carriers have started implementing holiday surcharges. Read on to learn more about each carrier's surcharges and how you can save on shipping this holiday season.
Soapbox Becomes Certified UPS Ready Partner
October 3, 2022
Soapbox is a leading fulfillment software solution that simplifies and streamlines e-commerce logistics. As a UPS Ready business solution, we offer a seamless shipping experience.
Pick, Pack, & Label: A Deep Dive
August 19, 2022
In the third installment of our blog series, we discuss three steps that are vital to fulfilling an order and go hand-in-hand to accomplish this goal: Pick, Pack, & Label.
Q&A With Fun Gal Snacks
August 12, 2022
When it comes to creating a new product, innovation is key. In our latest E-Comm Elevated podcast episode, we interview Marilyn Yang, co-founder and CEO of Fun Gal Snacks. Read on to learn how Marilyn found a gap in the snack market, turning an unlikely vegetable into a flavorful chip.
Best Practices for Custom Orders
July 22, 2022
In week two of our e-commerce educational series, we discuss custom orders. Read on to learn more about why e-commerce sellers should consider this method and some best practices for doing so.
Listing & Syncing Products Across Multiple Storefronts & Marketplaces
July 15, 2022
In our first installment of How To Optimize Your Fulfillment Strategy, we discuss the importance of expanding where you sell before expanding what you sell. Read on to learn more about the importance of selling on multiple storefronts and marketplaces.
Product Sourcing: A Beginner’s Guide
July 7, 2022
Product Sourcing is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce selling. Read on as we break down the four most popular options and give our pros and cons for each one.
Q&A With Joe Spisak
June 29, 2022
Marketing your e-commerce business can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. In our first-ever E-Comm Elevated podcast episode, we interview four-time business founder Joe Spisak. Read on to learn marketing tips and tricks you can apply to your brand.
4 Strategies To Boost Summer Sales
June 16, 2022
While summertime is a breath of fresh air for some, it can feel difficult for e-commerce sellers. Read on to learn more about the "summer slump" and four sales strategies to help prevent it.
Pricing: A Beginner’s Guide
May 30, 2022
As you decide what products to sell on your e-commerce store, you might be wondering if you are charging the right amount for your items. Keep reading to learn how to determine your initial product pricing and when to update your prices.
Simplifying E-Commerce: 6 Essential Aspects of Fulfillment
May 11, 2022
When it comes to e-commerce fulfillment, the steps involved to turn a customer’s order into a completed package can be confusing. Read on to learn about the 6 essential aspects of e-commerce fulfillment and why they’re so important.
Packaging: A Beginner’s Guide
March 23, 2022
Packaging is not only important for getting your products from point A to point B, but it is also an important part of your product presentation. Read on to learn more about the types of packaging and the pros and cons of having personalized packaging for your orders.
Email Marketing & Digital Ads: 5 Tips For Beginners
February 3, 2022
Email marketing and digital ads are a great way to increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales, and drive consumers to your website. Check out our 5 tips to starting your campaign off on the right foot.
When Ideas Come to Life: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be an Online Merchant
February 2, 2022
What does it take to be an online seller? Read on to learn the ten things required to be an e-commerce merchant.
How Inventory Factoring Can Benefit Your Business
January 24, 2022
If you're looking to increase your company's cash flow, factoring is a great option. Read on to learn more about the basics of factoring and how inventory factoring in particular can benefit your business.
Cash Flow Management Strategies
January 18, 2022
Cash flow is an essential aspect of any successful business. Read on to learn more about the basics of cash flow and the various management methods available to you.
Remote Leadership: How to Digitally Direct Your Team
November 30, 2021
Remote leadership can be difficult. Through organization, communication, morale-boosting, and expectation management, you can be a great leader for your team.
Simplifying E-Commerce: 3 Ways to Manage Your Fulfillment Operations
November 15, 2021
Managing your fulfillment can be challenging. Luckily, there are 3 methods you can use to simplify the process: self-service, drop shipping, and 3PL.
Are You Ready for 3rd Party Logistics?
November 11, 2021
As your daily inventory management and order fulfillment tasks become more time-consuming, you might be starting to wonder if a 3PL is the best next step for your e-commerce business. Read on to learn about the benefits of using a 3PL, when it might be time to make the switch, and how to pick the 3PL that’s right for you.
Vendor Management
October 4, 2021
Vendor management can be challenging. But, here's the good news: Whether you’re looking to hire a manufacturer, videographer, or advertiser, the steps to choosing the right vendor are the same.
International Shipping: A Beginner’s Guide
October 4, 2021
International shipping is enough to make any seller's head spin. Luckily, we've got a guide to bring you some peace of mind.