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Work with Gembah to research, design, or manufacture your next product.

Take your product from idea to shelf with ease

Leverage the Gembah marketplace to connect with qualified creators, experts, and manufacturers that help bring your product to life. No matter where you are in the product journey, Gembah can help you get to the finish line faster - and with a winning product in hand.

☑️  Research, design, concept, and sourcing support

☑️  Consolidated product development process

☑️  Reputable manufacture partners

☑️  Transparent product development tracking

☑️  Collaborate with product creation experts

Go from product development to your customers doorsteps in just a few steps


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Streamline shipping with Soapbox

Work with Gembah to bring your products to life, and Soapbox to ship your products to customers.

Bring new levels of efficiency to your product development and order fulfillment process. Turn your supply chain into a value chain with the leading product development and fulfillment solutions.

Use Gembah and Soapbox to bring your ideas to life and your customers' front door

Product research, design, sourcing, and supply chain - all in one

The Gembah marketplace connects you to 500+ expert product designers and 2,000+ manufacturing partners across five countries, covering every step of your product journey.

Expertise available in a variety of niches

Whether this is your first order, or your 10,000th product, and if you're selling baby products, clothing, or cutting-edge tech - Gembah has you covered from idea to implementation.

Powered by a transparent product development platform

The Gembah platform brings you all the tools you need to track your product development journey, keep tabs on key milestones, collaborate with team members and manage project costs.

Deliver your products with confidence

Once you've developed your product and taken in to market with Gembah's support, our fulfillment software helps you deliver your products to the end consumer with confidence.

Save time and money on fulfillment

With negotiated carrier rates and automation rules for packaging, rates, inventory, and more, your fulfillment process is consolidated into a few clicks a day, all while guaranteeing cost-effective pricing.

Control your supply chain from start to finish

With an end-to-end fulfillment solution, proprietary fulfillment software and dedicated support team, you get complete control over the fulfillment process at a fraction of the time and expense.

Hear from someone who brought their idea to market using Soapbox:


As new ecommerce entrepreneurs, we wouldn't have done it without a solution like Soapbox! Soapbox has made it super easy and intuitive for us to manage inventory and fulfillment and keep track of all of our different sales channels. Also - a super friendly, responsive and helpful team all around!



Leverage Gembah and Soapbox for a scalable product development and fulfillment solution

Work with Gembah to bring your products to market, and then start fulfilling your orders through the Soapbox platform. Free up more time and money to focus on expanding your business, when you simplify your operations at scale.