Trust Backhaul to Deliver Your Products to Your Customers

Backhaul Direct is an innovative 3PL provider now powered by Soapbox software

Make sure your product fulfillment and customer experience are in good hands 

Turn the tedious and worrisome process of product fulfillment into a breeze. With Soapbox and Backhaul Direct working together to safely and efficiently  get your products in your customers’ hands, you can sit back and focus more on expanding your business.

☑️ Dedicated 24/7 reps with unmatched customer support

☑️ No-hassle accessorial fees

☑️ Consistent rates

☑️ Transparent and trustworthy service

Delivering your freight in the most direct way possible—through all modes of transportation.

OTR highway solutions: FTL, LTL, and partials

Ocean and air freight

Managed transportation

Warehousing - inventory management

Work with Backhaul Direct to receive transparency and the highest quality service from onboarding to delivery

Backhaul’s advanced technology makes onboarding easy by reducing the time and cost of the related tasks. Maintain control and visibility through the entire fulfillment process using their cloud-based Grapevine TMS. 

From onboarding, to compliance, and beyond, Backhaul Direct takes responsibility for every shipment and streamlines your supply chain.

They'll help get your products from your manufacturer to their warehouse, and from their warehouse to your customers’ hands. Never worry about tracking them—or your shipment down. Backhaul guarantees transparent and trustworthy service at all times, so you never have to worry about your product fulfillment again.

Have confidence in your products being shipped in the most efficient packaging with the most economical carrier and rate every time with Soapbox.

Our software automation removes the lengthy decision making processes for the warehouse and eliminates any chance of error during fulfillment. Plus, all inventory, shipping, and tracking updates are pushed back to the original storefronts for maximum transparency and visibility. 

Hear from someone who brought their idea to market using Soapbox:

Employ Soapbox’s new partnership with Backhaul Direct for the ultimate product fulfillment and shipping solution

Work with Backhaul Direct to ensure your customers receive the products they purchase from you and have confidence in Soapbox making sure the process is efficient and error-free. Worry less about fulfillment, and focus your time and money on scaling your business to new heights.