Use Shopify to Build Your
E-Commerce Business

Connect your Shopify store with Soapbox to streamline your fulfillment operations.

Quick and easy storefront setup and Soapbox integration

An effortless storefront configuration makes Shopify an ideal platform for e-commerce brands, while the simple integration to Soapbox keeps the set-up process painless for merchants. These user-friendly systems simplify daily operations and make selling easy for everyone.

☑️  Fast setup times

☑️  Simple integrations

☑️  User-friendly interfaces

☑️  Dedicated support on both platforms

☑️  Improved fulfillment operations

Integrate your Shopify store with Soapbox in just a few clicks


Click add a storefront


Select which storefront to add


Log in with your Shopify account details


Start selling!

Connect Soapbox to your Shopify accounts for better fulfillment

Get the most out of your fulfillment operations. Save time and money when you fulfill your Shopify orders with Soapbox. Simply integrate your Shopify storefront with the Soapbox app and begin self-fulfilling with ease.

Integrate your Shopify account on the Soapbox platform to optimize your selling experience

Up to 90% carrier discount

Print labels using Soapbox’s free discounted carrier rates to save money during daily fulfillment. Carrier accounts are pre-loaded onto every account and can be used with no additional set up. 

Utilize automation rules to save time and avoid human error

Auto packaging selection, auto rate selection, address validation, inventory consolidation, and other automated features save you time during daily operations and remove errors by eliminating the decision making process. 

Multi-storefront dashboard simplifies fulfillment

View multiple storefronts and marketplaces in a single dashboard to control your e-commerce business from one place. View and fulfill orders across all channels simultaneously saving you time during daily fulfillment. 

Print pick list, pack list, and labels all from one platform

Soapbox provides the pick list and pack list directly on the platform, simplifying the fulfillment process and reducing the chance of any errors. Labels can also be bought on Soapbox and printed, along with the pick and pack lists. 

Product and Inventory management 

View and reconcile your inventory across all connected storefronts, with inventory counts updating in real time. Set stock alerts to keep inventory active and avoid costly stock outs that will cause you to lose sales.

Save money on international shipments with local carriers

Soapbox offers 250+ carriers across 200+ countries to get you the best rates anywhere anytime. Get up to a 30% discount on customs clearances and shop rates with confidence with our 99.9% accuracy guarantee for shipping, customs, and duty rates on checkout.

Trusted by Top Brands


As new ecommerce entrepreneurs, we wouldn't have done it without a solution like Soapbox! Soapbox has made it super easy and intuitive for us to manage inventory and fulfillment and keep track of all of our different sales channels. Also - a super friendly, responsive and helpful team all around!




We started using the Soapbox App ~1.5 years ago and are really happy with the way it is integrated with our Shopify store and Amazon FBM store to streamline our fulfillment and shipping needs as a rapidly growing business! Have to note that the support team is incredible too.



Love this app, saves more money over or other label makers. The time saved by having soapbox integrate with all my channels so I only need to look at one place is priceless. Great support too with any issues. Highly recommend.


Integrate your Shopify store with Soapbox for a scalable fulfillment solution

Start fulfilling your Shopify orders through Soapbox, and free up more time and money to focus on expanding your business. Leverage our proprietary fulfillment software and dedicated support team to simplify your business at scale.