Third Party Logistics Customers

Whether you entrust your supply chain and fulfillment operations to a regional boutique 3PL, or you leverage a network of global 3PL operators, Soapbox can provide real-time visibility into your order routing, inventory, and shipment across every location. Our dashboard offers shared transparency to every step of the fulfillment process.

Soapbox Advantage


Streamline workflow. Connect storefronts to our software with ease and access our network of carriers. Set up automation rules for pick and pack fulfillment. Our system can automatically select the most cost-efficient packaging and rates.


View and manage easily. Achieve the level of transparency you’ve always wanted out of your 3PL partner. View and manage orders, inventory, freight, preferences, and much more.


Sell with confidence. Manage accelerated growth better with more efficient operations while also eliminating redundancies of e-commerce and retail fulfillment.