May 10, 2021

After identifying a gap in laptop accessories, long-time friends Guillermo Gette and Federico Grinblat became co-founders of WooX. Now, they’re expanding their brand from Latin America to the United States.

The need to create a laptop product emerged in 2017 as Guillermo and Federico found themselves traveling more and needing an easier way to work on the go.

“I used to work as a management consultant, and I had to work in planes, coffee shops, cafeterias, and in my clients’ rooms,” Federico said. “I always found myself needing a way to work more comfortably.”

The co-founders came up with the idea to create a simple, wooden laptop stand. Made out of two wooden pieces that fit together, the stand is designed to be easy to assemble and travel-friendly.

“Once we came up with the idea, Federico started looking into how we could manufacture these and looking into different suppliers,” Guillermo said. “He started setting up shop in Argentina and looking for new partners that could help us bring this product to life. Meanwhile, I was in L.A. taking care of the technical aspects like the e-commerce website.”

Federico and Guillermo are long-time friends who felt inspired to create WooX after finding a gap in laptop accessories.

From there, WooX was born. The laptop stand is designed to improve sitting posture and to protect computers against liquid spills and overheating. WooX was also created with the environment in mind, as the laptop stand is packaged in a cloth bag and made out of guatambu wood.

“Guatambu is a reforestation wood,” Federico said. “You plant that tree in order to use it, and then plant another tree in its place.”

After launching in 2017, WooX quickly gained popularity on Mercado Libre, which is known as the Amazon of Latin America.

“We were one of the first markets in Argentina with this kind of product,” Guillermo said. “We started advertising WooX on Mercado Libre, and then we started growing and selling more and more. And over the past three years, we've improved the processes and added laser engraving that allows customers to personalize their WooX.”

When it comes to customer feedback, Guillermo and Federico say that their product reception has been very positive.

“Many people don't know that they needed this until they try it, and then once they do, they’ll say, ‘I can't use my laptop anymore if I don't have my WooX down,’” Guillermo said. “We also have a lot of businesses that use the WooX as a company-wide gift, and they have the opportunity to have us custom engrave the stands with their company logo.”

Made out of two wooden pieces that fit together, the stand is designed to be travel-friendly and easy to assemble.

As more and more people started working from home due to COVID-19, the need for WooX stands exploded. Federico and Guillermo took this as a sign to begin expanding their business from Latin America to the United States.

“We found that, like in the Latin American market, there just wasn’t anything exactly like our product in the U.S. market,’ Guillermo said. “And the benefit is that we’re not starting from scratch, we have the experience from Argentina. We have a proven track record of sales, product, customer success, and customer service.”

On their Latin American store, WooX also offers a number of other office tools, including a WooX Mini for cellphones, A Lumbar Support add-on for chairs, and a Tiny Desk that can be folded. The WooX Mini recently launched in the United States, and Guillermo and Federico hope to eventually incorporate other items into their U.S. store as well.

Click here to check out the WooX website, and check out their Instagram below!


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