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Hound and Friends

February 7, 2022

Tina Le owns Hound and Friends.

Meet Tina Le

For Tina Le, owner of Hound and Friends, creating a business around dog accessories just made sense.

“The biggest reason that I chose to do what I’m doing is that I have always loved dogs,” Tina said. “My first dog, Mickey, literally saved my life when I was ten years old.”

Tina also has a love of accessories and matching outfits that can be traced back to her childhood.

“When I think about my family and how I grew up, my mom put my sister and me in matching outfits quite a bit,” Tina said. “ When I created Hound and Friends, I thought I’d take a bit of what I’ve learned from my parents and my culture, just what my family is about, and put that together in my business.”

Tina and her Dog Mister
When Tina started her business in Dec. 2016, she had bow ties available in 17 different color options.

Hound and Friends

Thus, Hound and Friends was born! Since 2016, the e-commerce store has specialized in accessories for dogs and humans alike.

“I originally started with bow ties that ran 17 different colorways,” Tina said. “Now, as the years have gone by, I’ve added other products where people can actually match with their dog.”

In addition to bow ties, Hound and Friends has a large number of products for dogs, including bandanas, dog shirts, headwear, and plush toys. For humans, there are bow ties, clothing items, and flower crowns.

In light of COVID-19, Hound and Friends is also selling face masks.

Dogs in Bows and Bow Ties
These dogs have a sense of style.

Why People Love Hound and Friends

Tina said that one of her favorite parts about selling her products is witnessing customers’ reactions to seeing her product for the first time.

“I get a lot of great feedback when people go to my pet events, and people are really excited when they see that they can match with their dog,” Tina said. “I just love that people smile when they see my products, that it brings them joy.”

Down the line, Tina wants to expand into wedding accessories, hoping to add tuxes and tutus for dogs.

“I have a background as a wedding florist, and at that time people would always ask about where to get things to dress up their dogs for weddings,” Tina said.

flower crown hound and friends
In addition to bow ties, the business has a large number of products for dogs, including bandanas, dog shirts, headwear, and plush toys.

What’s In Store For Hound And Friends?

Before COVID-19, Tina sold through her Shopify store and dog events. Now, she would like to expand her business further into the e-commerce world with the help of Soapbox.

“Soapbox has me looking at my business in much bigger terms,” Tina said. “One of my goals for this year is to expand my brand into wholesale. I also want to have more sales through multiple selling platforms, and Soapbox can help me to manage that.”

Another future goal Tina has is to build a team for Hound and Friends.

“I’ve basically been doing this all by myself,” Tina said. “It’s been producing great results so far. However, I would love to have Hound and Friends become international, and that would require a team to help me.”

Overall, Tina’s goal for Hound and Friends moving forward is to keep making people and their pets happy.

“I want to create opportunities for people and their pets to experience love and joy,” Tina said.

Click here to check out the Hound and Friends website.

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