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June 8, 2022

SensorPush Logo
When it comes to humidity and temperature sensors, SensorPush is changing the game.

Meet Jonathan and Nick

Looking to make a better humidity and temperature sensor, Jonathan Cousins and Nick Sears co-founded SensorPush. Now, whether you’re a beekeeper, cigar collector, or piano tuner, monitoring climate conditions has never been easier.

Jonathan and Nick first started their business journey when they met in graduate school.

“Nick and I met in a grad program at NYU that was a combination of engineering, design, art, and communications,” Jonathan said. “For our first project, we were both hired by the same company, and then we slowly formed our own company with a million different kinds of projects.”

Jonathan and Nick created Cousins & Sears Creative Technologists. The consultancy business specializes in computation and information design, data visualization, Internet of Things fabrication, and experience design. The company has worked with a wide variety of clients, including Sundance artists, Fortune 500 companies, and researchers ranging from primatologists to astronomers.

SensorPush Founders Jonathan and Nick
Jonathan and Nick first met in a graduate program at NYU.

The Origin Story

The inspiration to start SensorPush came about six years into Jonathan and Nick’s consultancy business.

“We’d been toying around with Bluetooth for a number of different projects,” Jonathan said. “Eventually, we got a hold of some technology that had Bluetooth plus temperature and humidity sensing.”

Nick had just bought a house and found that he could use the sensors as he was re-insulating his attic. Jonathan realized he had a use for the sensors too—keeping track of humidity levels for his guitars in New York City.

"Guitars, like any musical instrument made with wood, are very sensitive to being in particularly dry and humid climates,” Jonathan said. “Most apartments in New York have steam heat, which makes it incredibly dry in winter. Nick and I realized this sensor was useful for two totally different purposes, so there must be other use cases too.”

However, Jonathan and Nick were not fully satisfied with the sensor options already available to them on the market. The co-founders then started putting their heads together to create their own humidity and temperature sensors.

SensorPush Technology
The SensorPush Wifi Gateway allows users to read their sensors from anywhere via the internet.

About SensorPush

Founded in 2015, SensorPush currently has three types of sensors available. The HT1 Temperature and Humidity Smart Sensor is ideal for monitoring humidity and temperature conditions, while the HT.w Water-Resistant Temperature/Humidity Smart Sensor specializes in monitoring dew point and vapor-pressure deficit conditions.

Finally, SensorPush’s HTP.xw Extreme Accuracy Water-Resistant Temperature/Humidity/Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor monitors barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, dewpoint, and VPD conditions.

In addition to sensors, the company also sells the G1 Wifi Gateway which allows users to monitor their sensors from anywhere via the internet. This works in conjunction with the SensorPush app.

Whether you’re a baker, orchid grower, reptile owner, or more, there are endless ways to use SensorPush sensors.

“People that aren't tech people are often the ones that tell us that they love our product the most,” Nick said. “And yet, there are people who are extremely tech-savvy who also like it because we give them a whole range of open-source tools.”

HTP.xw Sensor
Need to check humidity and temperature for plants in your home? SensorPush has got your back.

The Future of SensorPush

In the future, Jonathan and Nick hope to expand their product offerings. Additionally, the co-founders are excited to work with Soapbox on SensorPush’s fulfillment.

“Jonathan and I both do a little bit of everything, it's just how a lot of small companies are,” Nick said. “We have large and small scale customer orders that we need help fulfilling. Soapbox is really stepping in and relieving a growing pain for us.”

Click here to learn more about SensorPush.

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