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October 2022

November 8, 2022

Developments in the World of E-Commerce

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In this edition of our newsletter, we recap October’s software updates, E-Comm Elevated Podcast episodes, recent blog posts, and more.

Now, let’s kick things off with a deep dive into fulfillment software and holiday surcharges.

The Front Page

In The News

Best 7 Fulfillment Software Options for E-Commerce Sellers

While self-service is a viable fulfillment method, it can easily become time-consuming and disorganized. For this reason, we recommend that sellers utilize a fulfillment software to aid their fulfillment process. But what should sellers look for in this software, and what are some good options on the market?

Recently, the Soapbox content team was allowed to submit an article to Fulfillrite’s blog. To learn more about fulfillment software, check out our article. Or, if you’re pressed for time, take a look at our key takeaways below:

  1. Look for a fulfillment software that provides order management and smart shipping tools.
  2. As you’re considering which software is right for you, consider what kind of customer service the software provides as well as what customization features they offer.
  3. Decide what type of fulfillment you would like to utilize as well as what your budget is before consulting with software companies.

2022 Holiday Surcharges: How to Get Ready Now

Q4 is an exciting and challenging time that presents unique opportunities for sellers to grow and succeed. Given the increased volume and shipping demand this time of year, shipping carriers have already started implementing holiday surcharges to adjust for the overall cost of shipping packages.

In one of our latest blog posts, we look at carrier holiday surcharges, how they can impact your business, and tips for optimizing your fulfillment strategy in light of these temporary changes. Or, if you’re pressed for time, check out our key takeaways to save money on holiday shipping below:

  1. Suggest that your customers ship their packages with longer shipping times.
  2. Always use the smallest packaging possible, and if an order is heavy, consider splitting it into multiple packages.
  3. Research shipping providers to see which one has the best deal for the specific package you’re shipping.

Soapbox Announcements

We're excited to announce that Soapbox is now available on the Shopify App Store. You can easily access our platform and manage your orders, inventory, shipping, warehousing, and returns from the Shopify 3rd-party app section. To learn more, head to the Shopify App Store.

Soapbox is proud to announce that we are officially a DHL eCommerce Solutions Technology Partner. We provide access to DHL’s streamlined delivery process with expansive reach in all domestic and internal markets. To learn more about how this partnership benefits Soapbox customers, head to our partner page.

Tech Talk

We introduced new features, made enhancements, and applied a few bug fixes to our software in October.

Let’s take a look at the biggest updates:

New Features & Enhancements

  • The side navigation menu now hides when the window shrinks to allow more content from the main screen.
  • Users are now redirected to the Open Orders page if a batch fails to create.

Bug Fixes

If you recently encountered any of the following bugs on the Soapbox platform, they have now been fixed:

  • The “Mailer/Box” toggle was missing from the Order Details page
  • The Inbound Shipment modal accepted decimals - it now only accepts integers
  • The Error page opened when attempting to open the Company page under Settings

Curious about how our software can help your business? You can create a free account or attend our Platform Demo Webinars every Monday from 10-10:30 AM PST.

Click here to add our webinar to your calendar.

Outside The Box Insights

E-Comm Elevated, our Soapbox-produced podcast, provides a platform for thought leadership and for sharing exciting, transformational ideas in the digital commerce space. In October, we concluded season 1 of our podcast by interviewing two entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge on entrepreneurship.

Atomix Logistics

First, we interviewed Austin Kreinz, the founder and CEO of Atomix Logistics. Atomix is an e-commerce logistics company that utilizes Micro-Pods to manage the end-to-end fulfillment process for emerging brands and startups.

To learn more from Austin about how you can overcome self-doubt, communicate better with others in the field, and so much more, tune into our E-Comm Elevated episode.

DOE Media

In our final episode of season 1, we interviewed Nick Raschke, COO at DOE Media. DOE Media is a digital advertising agency that uses world-class data-driven direct-response advertising to help businesses grow.

To learn more about why partnerships are incredibly beneficial, what business numbers to look at, and how to stop wasting money on advertising, tune in to our latest episode.

Network News

Sharing is caring, and we love talking about the great customers and partners that are working with Soapbox. This space is dedicated to updates, announcements, and cool innovations coming from our partners and customers. Let’s dive in!

Partner Portal


Tolstoy is an end-to-end video commerce platform. E-Commerce brands use Tolstoy to sell more and build an authentic connection with their audience by adding shoppable & interactive videos to their storefront, PDP, and email/SMS campaigns.

By engaging users with personalized interactive videos and video feeds, Tolstoy helps brands collect valuable customer engagement data and reports consistent and meaningful ROI uplift.

Most importantly, Tolstoy's focus on authentic, short-form videos builds real and lasting relationships between consumer & brand that lead to an average 4X increase in time-on-site and 2X likelihood of repeat purchases.

Head to Tolstoy’s website to learn more about this Soapbox partner.

A Look Ahead

We’re going to be staying busy at Soapbox HQ in November. Here’s a peek at some blog topics we’ll be tackling in our next newsletter:

  • Soapbox Customer Holiday Shopping Guide
  • Black Friday Checklist
  • Small Business Spotlight: Conservation Candy
  • Small Business Spotlight: Start Small Think Big

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for reading E-Comm Unboxed. We’ll see you next time with more updates and inside scoops from the world of e-commerce.

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