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May 2021

May 1, 2021

Welcome to The Soapbox Newsletter! At the start of every month, we'll provide announcements and updates, showcase small businesses, and discuss best practices and tips. So are you ready to learn more? Keep on reading!

Exciting Announcements

#ContinueTheFight PPE Initiative

While many Americans receive vaccinations, the fight against COVID-19 is still ongoing. This is especially true for individuals working in healthcare, living with compromised immune systems, and for those who are a part of neglected communities and vulnerable populations.

As a part of our #ContinueTheFight initiative, Soapbox will donate 500,000 PPE masks to community-based nonprofit organizations, healthcare facilities, schools, and other social and educational institutions in California and Nevada, including:

  • Angelus Chinese Friendship Association
  • Chinatown Woman Association
  • Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of L.A.
  • Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled
  • Community Coalition of South L.A.
  • L.A. County Branch of National Chinese Welfare Council
  • Los Alamitos Medical Center
  • MACAU Chamber of Commerce U.S.A.
  • Montebello Senior Citizens Center
  • Pan Yu Association of Los Angeles
  • Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Sierra Nevada University
  • Social Vocational Services
  • U.S. Vietnam General Chamber of Commerce

Over 270,000 masks have been provided to these organizations so far. Use #ContinueTheFight on social media to join us in continuing the fight against COVID-19.

New Subscription Plans

We're finally launching additional subscription plans to serve our greater capacity of customers! We’ve also made some updates to our existing plans.

If you are currently part of our $30 per month Start Up plan, your plan will automatically be updated to the revised rate of $25 per month without any additional action needed from you. This revised rate will go into effect on May 21st, 2021.

We have also added additional Small Business and Enterprise level plans. For additional details and pricing, please contact us at

Feature Releases: April 2021

We made many software updates in April, including:

  • Inventory now allows users to filter by Storefront
  • When importing orders via CSV, users have the ability to select "Ship From Address" if they have multiple warehouses. Users can also select "Bill To 3rd Party" to bill a 3rd party account.
  • The Fulfillment Center now allows users to search for orders by customer name
  • Additional bug fixes, performance enhancements, and quality of life improvements


Small Business Spotlight

“Steven and I have a background of running marketing and technology agencies over the last decade, and we really understand how the agency model works for e-commerce. With it being 2020, it’s kind of mind-blowing to see that e-commerce is still in its early days even with the massive acceleration due to COVID-19.”

— Van Tucker

Steven Bowen and Van Tucker, co-founders of ShipStronger, put their heads together to create a business after identifying a new need in 3rd Party Logistics, or 3PL. Click here to learn more about their business journey, their services, and how they’re helping e-commerce step into the future.


“The people buying aren’t your classic people that are buying luxury items, they’re sort of like me in the sense that they didn’t really think about bedding before. People are spending a lot more time at home, and I have found that they have really taken to upgrading their bedding, especially because they’re sleeping in a lot more.”

— Milovan Crowley

Milovan Crowley, owner of Lasuens, created a bedding company after noticing a lack of affordable bamboo sheets. Click here to learn more about his business, his products, and how Soapbox 3PL can help his fulfillment.


Want to have your business featured in our Small Business Spotlights? Contact us at with the header "Small Business Spotlight" to learn more!


Soapbox Blog

Hidden Costs Of Fulfillment: Part 1- Packaging And Shipping

Whether you’re well-versed or just starting out in e-commerce, there are many opportunities for cost and time savings that you might be unaware of. In part one of this two-part series, we talk about the “gotchas” related to e-commerce packaging and shipping.

Click here to learn more about packaging and shipping costs.


Hidden Costs Of Fulfillment: Part 2- Fulfillment Management

When it comes to each e-commerce fulfillment management type, what are the “gotchas” that you should look for? Whether you use Self-Service, 3PL, or Drop Shipping, there are always things you can take a look at in order to save on time and money.

Click here to learn more about the costs of fulfillment management.



If you need additional support for your business, our team of e-commerce experts is here to help.

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