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January 20, 2022

Lasuens Logo
With Lasuens, sleeping hot is a thing of the past.

Meet Milovan Crowley

For Milovan Crowley, owner of Lasuens, creating a bedding company came out of his own need for affordable bamboo sheets.

“Lasuens is a rebrand of Bamboo Tranquility, which is a company that I started in college,” Milovan said. “It all started when I was sleeping in the guest bedroom at my girlfriend’s parents’ house, who is my wife now. The sheets that I slept on were the softest things I’d ever felt in my life.”

After learning that the sheets were bamboo and nearly $300, Milovan tried to find cheaper alternatives on Amazon. However, he quickly realized that they were nothing like the more expensive sheets he had experienced.

Milovan of Lasuens
Milovan named the business after his favorite secret beach to visit with his wife.

“The sheets I bought were pilling pretty bad within two nights,” Milovan said. “I was annoyed that it seemed like no one knew how to sell these sheets online. And then, I started wondering how hard it really would be to sell them.”

Milovan credits his mom and his time in SDSU’s entrepreneurship program for the encouragement to start and grow his business.

“Being in that program was eye-opening in the sense that I looked around at the landscape of entrepreneurs and realized that these people are not geniuses,” Milovan said. “I feel like a lot of people have this idea that business owners are really smart people. They’re definitely smart, but a lot of them just start out by trying stuff and seeing how it goes.”

Girl Wrapped In Lasuens Blanket
Lasuens specializes in bamboo sheets, comforters, and duvet covers.

Lounge With Lasuens

Thus, Bamboo Tranquility, now Lasuens, was born. The company specializes in bamboo sheets, comforters, and duvet covers.

“As I rebranded, I named it Lasuens after my favorite secret beach in San Clemente, CA,” Milovan said. “A lot of beddings sold now are on plain white backgrounds and it’s very clinical, so Lausens is meant to be more laid back and low stress, like the beach.”

The brand also has a mission to protect beaches and the ocean, giving 10% of all profits to the cause.

“A lot of customers since the rebrand have said they’re really into our mission, which is cleaning up the beaches and really just keeping them nice in general,” Milovan said.

Additionally, during COVID-19, Lasuens managed to see a surge in sales.

“The people buying aren't your classic people that are buying luxury items,” Milovan said. “These people are sort of like me in the sense that they didn't really think about bedding before. “People are spending a lot more time at home, and I’ve found that they have really taken to upgrading their bedding, especially because they’re sleeping in a lot more.”

Lasuens Sheets
Lasuens gives 10% of all profits to protecting beaches and the ocean.

The Future of Lasuens

After working with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and another 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company, Milovan is looking forward to using Soapbox 3PL to manage his fulfillment.

“Getting away from shipping myself was huge because, when I was in college, my mom was shipping most of my stuff,” Milovan said. “Now, I’m switching to Soapbox 3PL mainly because it has two distribution centers. It’ll be nice to offer faster and cheaper shipping to everyone in the US and not just to people in California.”

In the future, Milovan is looking to continue growing Lasuens in addition to growing his marketing business, Highbrow Strategy.

“Lasuens is not my ultra-main focus because I do have a marketing business that is very involved, but it will always be my first business,” Milovan said. “The plan from here is to just keep growing it. I’d like to add more colors to all the different beddings, and maybe get into homeware as well.”

Click here to learn more about Lasuens.

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