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May 24, 2021

In teaming up with his father’s invention, Colton Horn became co-founder and CRO of BRÈINFÚEL. Now, the father-son duo are changing the efficiency of caffeine one cerebral beverage at a time.

The idea to create a beverage started with Colton’s father, Dr. Gerald Horn. A well-known LASIK surgeon and pharmaceutical scientist, Dr. Horn struggled to find the right source of energy for his long days at work.

“As a surgeon, my father has 10 to 11 hour surgery days, and he needs to be at the top of his game mentally and physically,” Colton said. “Anything that he'd tried in the past like energy drinks and coffees gave him that spike in energy, but then he’d just crash later on. He'd come home after a long surgery day and basically be falling asleep at the dinner table.”

To find a solution to his personal energy needs, Dr. Horn began experimenting with caffeine. He then found that, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the stimulant, he needed to support the caffeine release with the right fuels and antioxidants.

Colton is co-founder of BRÉINÚEL with his father, Dr. Gerald Horn.

Dr. Horn created a drink blend for himself that included caffeine, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, and other helpful ingredients.

“After creating this blend for himself, he was getting good results day in and day out at surgery days,” Colton said. “He started sharing the product with his surgeon friends and they were experiencing the same thing. After about four months of refining the formula, he brought it to me in college to try, and at that point is when I knew that we were onto something.”

And just like that, BRÈINFÚEL was born. Launched in December of 2020 with father and son as co-founders, BRÈINFÚEL provides their cerebral beverage blend in four flavors: Fruit Punch, Light Citrus, Peach Mango, and Mixed Berry.

“Our peach mango flavor is called Victory Bliss,” Colton said. “That’s my favorite and it’s also our bestseller.”

Colton said that one of the most rewarding aspects of his work is hearing customer feedback. From students to doctors to athletes and more, many people rely on BRÈINFÚEL to stay energized and focused.

BRÉINFÚEL sources Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans and Green Teas to a non-coffee base to maximize the best of what's in both.

“What's been really interesting for me is just seeing the wide range of uses for the product and how people like it for a variety of reasons,” Colton said. “Some people like it because of the focus and the energy, others like it because of the collagen protein. There's a lot of needs in the market that this product fills, and it's exciting for me to see where it's starting to resonate.”

In the future, Colton said that there is potential for BRÈINFÚEL to create something like a powder, shot, energy bar, or lower cafeine version of their drink. However, the brand’s plan for now is to focus on their current products and get all eyes on BRÈINFÚEL.

“We have some good influencer partners and some really exciting opportunities coming up in the future on the retail side as well,” Colton said.

Click here to check out BRÈINFÚEL’s website, and check out their social media links below!

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